Thursday, May 5, 2022

모바일 게임 내에서 자선 프로모션 실행에 대한 HouseofFun Impact

Online casino apps aren't necessarily the first thing you might think of as a charity campaign site. But Playtika and House of Fun Impact recently launched such a campaign and its fans would have been very excited about it.

HOF Impact is an initiative of the Playtika community, the entertainment company that offers, among other things, the House of Fun online slot game. HOF Impact recently partnered with Dots Eco to run a featured charity promotion. According to the people behind the campaign, the players have been very passionate about the environmental cause. Fun house and jungle카지노사이트 주소

Playtika has established the House of Fun Impact to make better use of the House of Fun community. And that's not the only recent relationship the company has with charities: it donated $ 100,000 to the Ukrainian Red Cross Appeal Fund after the country's invasion of Russia.

Last month, HOF Impact and Dots Eco launched a Nez Perce Clearwater National Forest campaign. The Forest Department has attempted to replenish the white pine population in the western part of the forest after being thinned by the disease. According to HOF Impact, the user selected this charity from a survey. Dots Echo CEO Nadav Gross said at the time: . I would love to work with the HOF Impact team to see trees firmly planted at the site of Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest!”

House of Fun general manager Tal Friedman said the app has maintained a fairly consistent audience over the past decade. The Nez Perce Forest initiative was not the first philanthropy. For Christmas 2020, the House of Fun planted 30,000 trees in Yosemite National Park on behalf of the best players. 카지노사이트 주소

“This year I wanted to do something more fun and interactive…. We wanted to turn playtime into an environmental impact. We initially published a survey about the game and asked players if they were interested in an in-game activity. We know the main reason they come here is to play, and they don't want anything to interfere with this. Then we gave them some reasons to get them with Dots Eco. "They voted to take back the forest."

How vents become trees 바카라사이트

To involve its players in a charitable campaign, House of Fun launched the "Plant Game" programme. Players complete in-game missions to plant trees in the real world. For a four-day event, players enter a progress bar on a special platform in the app during regular play. Players who reach milestones in the progress bar will receive in-game items and progress approvals. You can plant up to 2 trees per player.

House of Fun players funded the planting of a total of 108,000 trees. The company presented a thank you tile to players who helped players who participated in the activity. According to Friedman, the Forest Service will be planting trees next month.

When asked how the public's response to the charity's promotion has been, Friedman said it's been consistently positive. "When we conducted surveys of overall player satisfaction, we saw an incredible rate for this activity - higher than almost any activity we've done before, and we have a lot of it. Besides, we have a lot of them. It's all social activities. We've seen crazy engagement on our social media. The players wanted to guess how many trees we planted and shared the testimony. "

Since then, House of Fun has run at least one major charity campaign. With the cooperation of UNICEF to implement a massive framework for Ukraine, players can send 36,000 aid kits to refugee children. According to his Facebook page, he has achieved this goal.안전한카지노사이트

Friedman said it will be easier for players to reach the participation stages in the future. "We found that the more players we could participate in, the more participation we needed. Next time, we need to empower more players to make that happen."

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